Most exciting kids event result


  • Garvit Panwar- Prithvi House- 1st Position
  • Charchit Saraf – Aakash House- 2nd Position
  • Angel Nitin Bohra- Aakash House – 3rd Position


  • Mridav Ladha – Agni House- 1st Position
  • Atharva Sharma – Vaayu House – 2nd Position
  • Mishti Malhotra – Vaayu House – 3rd Position

Merry Christmas celebrated

Date: 24st December 2017
Merry Christmas celebrated at Sangam School Of Excellence Bhilwara. From Sangam School family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May the peace and joy of this Christmas fill your heart.

Back up always helps

Date: 21st December 2017
IBians took up an activity ‘Back up always helps’, an activity wherein kids were taught to change a a tyre. A life skill needed the most when it comes to practical aspects. Not just the boys but the girls enjoyed this task to the full.

Annual Day 2017

Date: 19th December 2017.
And the celebrations end, but yes the memories will be cherished forever. #Sangam Spree -2017- a Sports Spectrum, culminated into a Cultural Program, a Fun Fete and Prize Giving Ceremony and made it a highly successful event. Our efforts and parents contribution was the key to this innovative and exciting concept of celebrating the school’s Annual Day. Mr Srijan Pal Singh Ji the CEO and Co-founder of Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad’s Foundation was the chief guest for the day and his presence was highly motivating for all the Sangamites. Sangam owes it all to all its collaborators, parents, teachers and students. Here are the glimpses of the show.

Annual Day 2018

Sangam Spree- A sports spectrum 2017

Date: 11th December 2017.
First of its kind this event is now talk of the town. Commenced on 9th of December 2017, parents participation has made this event highly interesting and fun filled. Kids are loving to see their parents living childhood once again. Memories they will cherish forever!!

Human Rights Day

Date: 10th December 2017.
‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.’ Sangam school of excellence celebrated ‘Human Rights Day’ on 10th December 2017.Students from grade 9 presented a speech and a poem. Grade 11 students presented a short skit on the same. Students of grades 9 to 11 also wrote slogans for the same.


Date: 27th November 2017.
Sangam School believes that a child’s progress is a joint responsibility of the school as well as the parents. On your trust rests our commitment to strive towards excellence. Following this the school organised “A Talk Show” that wasn't just first of its kind but also proved to be effective in varied ways. This informal yet interactive session ‘Rubaroon’ was a success because of active participation and presence of all the parents. This session gave a chance for an open discussion with the teaching staff, the mess staff, the war-dens and prep in-charges and was addressed and convened by the Principal Sangam School, Ms. Madhu Nagpal. Mr. Mayank Sharma anchored the event. Parents were informed about the changes introduced and were asked for their suggestions on aspects that they felt were required. The session also had a small workshop on handling of the ERP Held on 25th of November at 12noon this hourly session was followed by a lunch in the school mess.

Rupan Samanta’ Spic Macay artist

Date: 16th November 2017.
Students of grades 6-8 enjoyed the performance of ‘Rupan Samanta’ Spic Macayartist on She is an established and highly acclaimed professional Classical Vocalist of North Indian. She is well appreciated by her audience and critics for the tonal quality and sensuousness of her voice. Having pursued and perfected music of the Banaras Gharana, Rupan’s talent is vast and varied. She has mastered several musical forms ranging from khayal to Tappa,Thumri, Chaiti,Kajri, Jhula, Dadra, Hari and Bhajan. Rupan has a mellifluous voice the effect of which holds the audience spellbound, irrespective of age or experience!


Date: 14 Nov 2017
Sangam School students from grades 6 CP to 11IB visited the very inspiring and visually vibrant village of ‘Peeplantri’ village. This village is making news for initiatives that encourages empowerment of women and environment conservation, along with increasing employment opportunities. All this, thanks to one man who dreamt big for his village.
Sociologists, political analysts and intellectuals have for long been concerned about the constantly declining sex ratio in many parts of India in the last few decades. At a time when even stringent legal provisions have not been able to end female infanticide and foeticide, one man’s mission in a village has set an example of reformation. For the people of Piplantri in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, the birth of a girl child meant bad news. Female foeticide and infanticide were not unheard of.
This was mainly due to the hefty dowry system prevalent in the village. Enters social campaigner and ex-sarpanch of Piplantri village, Shyam Sunder Paliwal who envisioned a bright future for the girls. He believed that if the parents of newborn girls planted trees and nurtured them for 18 years, they could arrange enough money for the girl’s wedding when she comes of age. This visit on the special occasion of ‘ Children’s Day’ was highly enriching and made kids aware about issues which are otherwise left unspoken and undisclosed.

Eco Park Trip

Date: 23 October 2017
Our little trip to eco park brought in a fresh wave of excitement and the serenity of place was refreshing for students.

Eco Park Trip

Date: 23 October 2017
Our little trip to eco park brought in a fresh wave of excitement and the serenity of place was refreshing for students.

Junior King Trophy

Date: 15 October 2017
Sangam won the Junior King competition ( Grades 9-10) organised by Icon Institute, Bhilwara.This competition was organised on 15th October 2017. Participants/team members were- Swaroop Rathi ( Grade 9), Hardik Inani (Grade 10), Yuvraj Tak ( Grade 9).

Fashion Show

Date: 13 October 2017
Sangamited definitely know how to carry any attire with poise.

SDRO workshop

Date: 9 October 2017
Stellar Curiosity Program is designed by SDRO Astronomy professionals to celebrate incredible astronomy experiments for all age group. Sangam School organised a day full of these activities conducted by Stellar group. During the program, kids performed the hands-on activities such as Space Clouds, Making own Gravity, Sunset in a box, Down with Gravity, Meteor Burnout, Star Motion and many more fun filled activities. The workshop was organised for students of grades 1 CIPP to 10 IGCSE.

Cricket Competition

Date: 7 October 2017
Our kids in action during the cricket competition that was hosted at Sangam School.

Painting Competition

Date: 2 October 2017
On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, a painting competition was organized for our students. Sharing a few candid snaps of our young artists from the day.

Spellathon for grades I and II (CBSE and CIPP)

Date: 30 August 2017
Aakash House, Vaayu House and Prithvi House along with Agni House secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively in the Spellathon.

Group Recitation for grades UKG and Prep

Date: 30 August 2017
Agni House secured 1st position, Prithvi House 2nd and Aakash House 3rd.