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Online Classes @ Sangam – Testimonials

Respected Ma’am,

I received your message in the class group and I would like to thank you and the staff of Sangam School for rising to the occasion. These are the tough times where everyone is as inexperienced as they come. I am sure you teachers have a mammoth task ahead of you – treading untested waters. I can see and understand the hard work behind conducting online classes. I am sure it took lot of planning, technical knowledge, work, time and energy to make it run smoothly. There are always hiccups when something new is initiated.

I see it as a golden learning opportunity for kids as it is going to be a mode of future learning. Same applies for teachers and parents. Each good and bad incident teaches us something which contributes to our learning.

Now I feel the onus is on us (parents) to rise to this occasion and support the school and return the favour.

I am truly grateful and appreciative of you and all the staff (teaching, technical, administrative, etc) for going out of the way to continue teaching inspite of facing hardships on the personal front too.

I assure you of my full support and cooperation in whatever way I can

Thank you and salute to you all

Ms. Neeta Patel M/O Navya Patel – 12 IB

Hello Ma’am,

A very happy morning to you and to the entire faculty of Sangam.

Ma’am we do appreciate the concern behind starting these online classes and the efforts that have been put up by you all.

We are more than happy to be associated with the school which I believe is the 1st one to take this positive step of teaching online in this lock down time.

We have always been your secret admirer ma’am because of the way you handle things at your end.

In starting something new, there are hiccups always and some people are uncomfortable also but that should never be a deterrent for trying something new and positive. And if a leader starts acting as per others opinion than there can never be a consensus. Decision needs to be taken at the right time, they might get wrong also at times, but then there is always a scope of rectification and improvements.

We assure you that we as parent are always with school management in there all positive and appropriate deeds.

Thanking you once again.

Mr. Shivam Prahladka F/O Mayukh Prahladka – 2 (International) & Karmanya Prahladka - IX A