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Children who indulge in outdoor activities and sports have better concentration levels and tend to excel in academics. For this particular reason, SSE emphasises to involve all the students in both indoor and outdoor sports through a set of impeccable activities where they are free to choose what they desire.

To accommodate almost every interest feasible, we have extensive and excellent playgrounds, well maintained courts for tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, cricket and football in our premises.

Sports activities allow students to channelize the brewing energy in them in the right direction. In addition, it helps build a sense of companionship and teamwork in them, which are essential aspects to attain success in future.

Another feather to our sports was added in the form of our partnership with Edusports. Edusports – SOAR. uses a structured physical activity regime as a padagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioural skills and physical conditioning among children. We offer training for the following: