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We are well past the days of “sit-and-get” mathematics. Moving away from the industrial model of education, we can focus on mathematics strategies that engage students in learning mathematics in a well-rounded way to prepare them for the workplace of the future. 

Our goals as math teachers, no matter what age group we teach, are to build the quantitative literacy skills of our students. Focusing on numeracy and data literacy helps promote mathematical reasoning that are transferable across the board and out into the real world. 

Students are always asking “When am I ever going to need this?” By focusing on applications and the modeling process, we are providing students with an opportunity to understand when and how mathematics is used in the real world. This brings us to our next best practice: promoting problem solving.


Technology is an amazing tool that we can use to enhance our teaching practice, not replace it. Instructional videos make the lessons more accessible to the students. Apart from traditional written exams, subject enrichment activities, multiple assessments through quizzes, portfolio preparation on a specific topic are also conducted to enrich math skills of students. At Sangam, we are well equipped with a math lab, a library with several books on Mathematical concepts which help the students to understand the depth of the subject.  Through activities students learn to do through concrete activities thus laying down a firm foundation for more abstract thinking. It encourages students to become independent learners and allows them to learn at their own pace. By fearlessly engaging with puzzles and games they have an opportunity to alter the rules and constraints.  Thus becoming aware of the role of rules and constraints in mathematics, hence adding a variety in learning mathematics at school.