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The Community outreach program gives opportunity to get involved in community service on a regular basis, with products to choose from almost every weak. Products are student-led and are offered at a variety of levels. The Schools has one Hospital Help Group keeping an aim of helping villagers to provide a helping hand with medical checkups, report collection and even getting prescribed medicines. Similarly the school runs a Mobile Library to provide the resources and Services needed to open doors to lifelong learning, to full-fill near by rural citizens’ information needs, and to offer and support various educational needs. “Ek Kadam Sahyog Ki aur” is set another support group led by students in which unwanted usable stuff like clothes; stationary and toys are collected every month and distributed among those who can’t afford them. With “Help Age India,” a social service NGO that provide supports old age homes, the students do various funds rising activities. Another group is involved in educating illiterate support staff of the school. This Adult Education Support programme is all handled and monitored by our students.

The students encourages students to participate in various programmes with the aim of making future generations sensitise towards those who are deprived of basic needs. The students are assisted by the project facilitator teachers. The teacher in changes introduce various social services the school offers, to the students and prepare everyone for their different roles depending on the project.