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Sangam School Of Excellence believes that education incorporates all aspects of personal development. In order to achieve balance it is essential that students develop all aspects of their lives.

Regular exercise, value and appreciation of healthy choices are incorporated into daily learning routines. Students participate in physical education and yoga regularly, as part of the school program. Athletic choice commitment, competition, sportsmanship and teamwork are core values that drive the athletic program.

Self-expression and creativity are also fostered in a learning environment that encourages artistic exploration, scientific reasoning and performance. Music, visual art and technology and science are disciplines in which all students participate during regular school hours.

A student of SSE  can engage in a variety of open activities from playground time, to games and sports, or cyber club. Our Co-curricular Programme extends upon the belief systems that we hold across the curriculum, providing students the opportunity to try out activities and sports in addition to their regular school day.