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Inter House Competitions

As an endeavor to develop the skills of organisation, creativity and teamwork among the students, the house system is of great importance to school life. It inculcates the spirit of healthy competition among the students. Equally important are the Inter House Competitions, renowned for being the liveliest events in the school calendar.

At SSE, we have four houses- Vaayu, Agni, Prithvi and Aakash. Named after the four elements, these names represent certain attributes and qualities. Each house has two house mistresses (teachers), a house captain and vice captain. The goal of each house is to provide maximum opportunities of participation to the students. Each house member believes that good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough, and it is the motto of great teamwork that our house members display during intercourse competitions.

Several events like digital ludo, photographs, jewelry designing, online chess, online rangoli competition, card making, story telling, debates (both English and Hindi) and spellathon have enthusiastic participation. Even during such trying times our students have participated and excelled in all spheres keeping the spirit of Sangam burning.

The era of teaching and learning in a closed space is over, nature and society are the best learning environment. To turn this vision into a reality, Ms. Madhu Nagpal, the Principal of SSE ignited this feeling of being a contributor to the society amongst the teachers and the student body of our institution. According to her vision, every learner has the capacity to become a social engineer. Apart from their academic success, they are encouraged to contribute towards the community, by tackling issues such as eradication of poverty, healthcare for all, girl child education and afforestation. The youth are the stewards of this country and the custodians of our rich tradition and so, our institution strives to make them aware of the social issues and inequalities that exist in the society, as a result of which, they learn to amend the deformities present in society and make it a better place to live in for everyone.