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The day I met a talking mouse

In the afternoon I saw a mouse. It was in my room. I screamed, “Mouse!” Everybody from the house rushed to my room.
The mouse started talking “Please don’t kill me!” I asked everyone , “Can I keep it as a pet?” Everyone said , “No!” I said “I’ll take care of the mouse.” The mouse said, “Please.” They said “You will have to keep it in a cage.” I said, “OK.” I went with my father to get a cage. The mouse was in my pocket.
When we reached the shop we saw many mouse cages. The mouse whispered, “I want this one.” We got that cage and put the mouse in it. We went home and showed everyone the cage. It even had a pool in it. I ate my lunch with him. I played with him. I did everything with him. The mouse was just like Stuart Little.
And then I woke up.
I wish I had that kind of mouse really. I would do the same thing. If I had a talking mouse, I wouldn’t do anything but play with it.
September 17, 2020