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Dear Parents and Students

Our team takes care of the development of each student at Sangam. We ensure that each one of them is able to seek challenges and opportunities, to grow up to their potential and to do their best. Our team includes the residential staff and the tutors. Please go through this page to explore how this is accomplished.

(Sr. Vice Principal)

Personal Development

The personal, spiritual and moral growth of Sangamites is given due importance along with their academic progress. The School employs faculty who are dedicated to guiding their students through the unique challenges of adolescence and early adulthood.We ensure that each one of our faculty members is trained and prepared to be a critical friend to the student in their care. Our faculty members are also assisted in their work by a school nurse, a counsellor and resident house fellows who report to him in all student health, welfare, residential and general matters of concern.
Older students provide mentoring to the younger ones. Each student, in effect, at some stage will have been mentored by a senior and serve as a mentor to his or her junior. The role of the mentor is an important one in the School.

Residential and Pastoral Life

Sangam School offers residential facilities for both Boys and Girls. Typically speaking, a boarding school can be of many different kinds. And Sangam is no exception. It offers boarding facilities to its students as full boarding option. With a host of thoughtful facilities and amenities, boarding students at Sangam enjoy the advantage of staying in a safe, secure, stimulating and productive environment that helps to bring out the best in them.

In addition to the Tutor Group, every student is also placed within the residence. The House is led by a member of Staff with Residential Supervisors, including a trained Nurse, who addresses the practical needs and issues that arise from day to day.

Student Welfare

We at Sangam belief that students can only do well if an educational environment is safe, creative and compassionate: where trust and honesty lie at the foundation of the relationships within the School and between the School and parents. It is not a matter of helping a student when things go wrong; it is a matter of ensuring that things do not go wrong in the first place.

Above all, the informal part of school life seeks to promote well-being and happiness in the student. The focus on family and community, respect for diversity, care and personal attention is balanced with a love of adventure, problem solving, encouragement towards leadership and the setting of challenges. Students will inevitably fail from time to time, however they will learn that this is a normal part of growing up. This means that they will be helped to turn their present setbacks and mistakes into future successes and achievements.

Moral & Spiritual Development

At Sangam we have respect for diversity; it is one of our principal goals. This applies equally to religion, ethnicity, gender and nationality. Students come to the School with different belief systems and may have different approaches to notions of spirituality. The School does not espouse any one religion, belief system or denomination. It does, however, encourage spiritual understanding, search and growth. This entails three principal aspects. Firstly, we provide the means for all students to worship in their own way. There is a dedicated silent space in the School for quiet reflection, meditation or prayer accessible to all. Secondly we encourage students to regard spirituality as a dimension of our shared humanity essential to moral progress and that this comes in differently-understood forms, whether it be love of nature, care of the environment, respect for our ancestry, identification with human progress, ingenuity and achievement, and love for others. Thirdly, we explore the nature of religion, religious thought, philosophy and spirituality in its many forms within our taught curriculum.

Global, Environmental & Civic Awareness

The respect and care for the local and global environment, for the future of our planet and our common natural heritage is central to communal student life and to the lives of each individual. This ranges from practical projects and fieldwork involving sustainability, conservation, and ecological improvement to an expectation that each student will individually develop habits, which in some small way will protect the local environment.

The final dimension for personal development is an understanding of civic responsibilities. This begins in the home at a young age and Sangam builds on this foundation to provide a small stage on which to learn about social and political institutions and ideas as well as to practice them in a safe environment.

In the formal curriculum, the notions of democracy, the rule of law, the rights of the individual and the growing global consensus together with the importance of participation in the political process and in building civic society is paramount.

Code of Conduct

The Sangam Code of Conduct sets out clear guidelines for behaviour and the inevitable sanctions that would apply in the event of failure to follow it. The Code of Conduct is really a set of principles which is intended to give to the students practical assistance in developing a reliable moral sense and understanding of the rights of others and personal obligations

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