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Language Quiz

We organized Inter-House Language Quiz Competition on 1st April 2022 for students of Grades 6,7, and 8. In each team there were 6 students and the topics covered were :-Synonyms, Antonyms, One-Word Substitute, Idioms & Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, Word Meanings etc.

▪️2 rounds were buzzer rounds and 2 rounds were Pass on rounds.▪️Last round was of One Word Substitute.


1st🥇 Agni House

1. Manaswin Nagpal 7CP

2. Avish Patni 7B

3. Shriya Soni 7B

4. Diya Agarwal 6A

5. Vedic Chhabra 6 CP

2nd 🥈 Prithvi House

1. Chhavi Jain – 8 A

2. Anika Inani – 7A

3. Parth Samdani – 7VMC

4. Darsh Ojha – 6C

5. Shreyansh Agarwal – 6A