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Sangam Fest Seniors 2021 Results –

“The key is not the will to win…everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important”

Ever since it began in 2007, Sangam Fest has grown and evolved majestically, with number of participating students increasing steadily each year.
Co-scholastic activities form the core of students life since these help to develop the holistic personality of the students to face challenges and the turbulent world of future. The aim of this fest is to develop a sense of competitive spirit, cooperation, leadership, diligence, punctuality and many more. This concept helped us build upon a strong camaraderie amongst all the participants and teacher in-charges.
The basic idea was to have all the participating teams stay under one roof and participate in a range of competitive events, spread over three days.
With the pandemic hitting the globe, we simply made this fest a virtual one and ensured that the basic purpose is fulfilled. The array of events had not just engaged the kids but also made them have an exciting experience for life time. Individual to team events, all have had a zing element to go full throttle.
The Fest as in the previous year had two categories – Juniors, that included students of grades 5 to 8, and was held on Friday, 27th Aug 2021 and Seniors that included students of grades 9-12 and was held on 28th of August 2021.

The events included in Sangam Fest Seniors were-

1. Pawn Power –

Chess competition, this event had a participation from 20 schools, with one participant from each school. We witnessed splendid display of diplomatic skills and nail biting moments.

2. Lip Synch –

Clubhouse, first of its kind competitive event, where all the 14 participating schools registered themselves for
the clubhouse app. A social audio app where the users communicate via chat rooms that can accommodate groups of
thousand users. Sangam hosted its own room and conducted this event where each of the participating team had 2-3
students. We had allowed the participants to choose from a given range of Hindi writers, select a play and present a part of it through clubhouse.

3. Powwow- Group Discussion –

A team of four participants from each of the 17 participating schools, presented a live group discussion on ‘Impact of Covid on India and the economy’

4. CIN- Compose, Illustrate and Narrate,

Again a uniquely designed competitive event where each of the three participant performed independently and was judged independently for that particular section. 16 schools had participated in this event. Each of the three was independently engaged in composing a story on a given outline, with another one illustrating it and finally the third one narrating the same story, live.

5. Funtoosh- creating a funny video-

This recorded event, was a fun to watch…exhibiting the skills to generate humour and bring a smile to the viewers…is indeed a rare art. There were 12 schools participating in this event, with one from each school. Each of the participant was to enact the role of any three family members and record the performance.

6. Melo-whash -Remix music,

With a participation from 13 schools this music competition was a recorded event. With a team of 6-8 participants, each team had to remix bollywood songs from the 1960’s era.

7. Timbre-pop-

This recorded group dance event had a participation from 13 schools. It required each team member to perform from a separate location and record the performance as one. The theme given was – Korean pop.

8. Codycross-

a coding challenge where we had a participation from 17 schools with one participant from each school.

Rules- Tally Point system

The results are formulated on the basis of a cock point system. The system is that for each of the third position one mark was awarded. For second or Runner-Up position three marks and for the First position five marks were awarded. This way we compiled our tally sheet to have the overall Runner-up and the Champions.

Seniors Final result Sangam Fest